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FX Overnight interest day

After day-end, all open positions will be automatically transferred to the next day, the interest rate will be based on market and announcement in our system. The long-term interest rates are between 3% annually.

* Note: The actual interest is based on the trading platform. If there is any open interest in the customer's account after the trading hours on Friday, the customer will pay the interest payable for three days.

Interest calculation formula

The spot trading of interest calculation = Opening price × Contract unit × Interest × Lots × days ÷ 360(day)

A client bought 2 contracts of GBP/USD at the price of 1.3191 and settled the order 1day later.
The interest of buying GBP/USD was -2.5% and the contract price was 1.3191.
1.3191 × 100,000 × ( - 2.5%) × 2 × 1 ÷ 360 = -US$ 18.32 (Interest payable by client)

Forex Risk Warning


Forex is categorised as a red product as it is considered an investment product with a high complexity and a high risk.